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Ciplast provides representation services; we commercialize and give recondition and selection services of plastic, glass and metal packaging also sell inks and printing blankets.

We are committed to achieve our client’s requirements, making possible their satisfaction and the requirements of our stakeholders; through permanent training to our human resources supported in values; we look for the suitable maintenance of our infrastructure, continuously improving our quality management system

Rebeca Dina Uribe Valenzuela
General Manager
Approval date: March 18, 2016


CIPLAST PERU S.A.C. is a company with 38 years of experience producing, marketing and distributing the widest line of plastic products intended for the cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical and veterinary, food and beverage, home and industrial care; in addition to inks and blankets for offset, letterpress and flexographic printing. We have a modern facility, with an administrative structure, commercial and production according to market demands, dedicated to ensuring a high quality product for our customers.

It also considers its staff as an essential element for the company’s growth, this is embodied by promoting a culture of occupational risk prevention, through a safety, health and environmental management system, which is based on the following commitments:

  1. Ensure a safe and healthy workplace by continuously implementing preventive actions, to avoid accidents, incidents or illnesses at work.
  2. Comply with current legislation applicable to our activities in occupational safety and health matters, it also undertakes to comply with other requirements that the company subscribes to in the aforementioned matters.
  3. Establish an appropriate mechanism for consultation and participation with workers, where required, in elements of the occupational safety and health management system.
  4. Carry out continuous improvement in the performance of the occupational health and safety management system.
  5. Integrate occupational health and safety management with the activities of the company.
  6. Ensuring the proper use of personal protective equipment by workers through ongoing training ans personal protective equipment that ensures protection against the risks present in our activities.
  7. Implement health measures and awareness-raising actions in order to prevent the spread of COVID19 disease in the workplace.

The commitments described are focused on a framework of continuous improvement, based on the effectiveness of the Management System. The Policy will be disseminated to all workers, contractors and the public who require it.

May 22, 2020.

General Manager

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