Quality Policy

Ciplast provides representation services; we commercialize and give recondition and selection services of plastic, glass and metal packaging also sell inks and printing blankets.

We are committed to achieve our client’s requirements, making possible their satisfaction and the requirements of our stakeholders; through permanent training to our human resources supported in values; we look for the suitable maintenance of our infrastructure, continuously improving our quality management system

Rebeca Dina Uribe Valenzuela
General Manager
Approval date: March 18, 2016


The General Manager is mindful about her employment responsibility; she strongly believes that human resource is the most important capital, from that reason it is critical to maintain an excellent safety and health conditions at the workplace, keep our employees motivated and engagement with the prevention of risk at the workplace in order to:


  • Prevent safety and health risks at work originated by our daily activities, identifying danger and constantly evaluating it, to make sure the prevention of work injures and occupational diseases.
  • Execute training, qualifying and sensitivity programs in order to improve our employees conscious related with safety and health at work.
  • Follow the legislation and normative of safety and health at work related with our core business, also consider other requirements the company access to subscribe.
  • Promote the employee participation on the improve in safety and health at work, to achieve established goals.
  • Sensitize our actions focus on the risk prevention to all interested parties as suppliers and contractors, making this policy available to our stakeholders and broadcasting permanently.

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