Ciplast offers international supplier’s representations services in order to facilitate the entry into the Peruvian market; increasing their client portfolio and finding more and better business relationships. These companies have a local strategic partner, CIPLAST; we are positioned in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, industrial and graphics sector.

Who is this service for?

Currently Ciplast is the commercial arm of 11 leaders’ companies that produce and distribute high quality goods and we are their local representation.

Ciplast goes along with their customers during the process since the conception of the idea, development and launch of the new product, in addition the continuous supply process and aftermarket services.

Ciplast has a close and excellence relationship with its represented suppliers as similar as with its customers, this relationship is based on the 37 years of experience considering the approach of win to win.


  • Faster customer attention.
  • Continuously technical consulting.
  • Suppliers and customers retention.
“We are supported by 20 years ‘experience representing leaders’ suppliers in their sector.”


Condensa is a Chilean 45 years’ experience company, leader in the fabrication and development of aluminum packaging from high quality and consistence.

Has the certification ISO 9001-2008

Condensa is strategically located in the south of Peru, in the city called Arica.


Nelo is an argentine company leader in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. It has 20 years’ experience in the fabrication of aluminum components.

In 2005 Tomas Group (Germany) acquired 50% of Nelo’s shares.

This company is the worldwide supplier of metallic components and it has the know how in the anodization process as electrolytic and chemical.

Silgan Dispensing Systems

This company creates dispensing solutions like bombs, sprayers, sprinklers and savories. They are focus on discovering the customer´s preferences to develop the cleanest and most comfortable, efficient dispensing solutions.


Mckernan is a distributor American company with 60 years’ experience. This company offers a huge variety of packaging from different materials which are available for sale since 1 box.

These packagings could be continuous supply there is possible to repurchase and the limited stock “surplus” where we offer the best price for the limited stock.

Dieter Bakic

Dieter is a German Company it was set up in 1996 by Dieter Bakic a packaging designer. This company offers a wide range of standard packaging with a differentiated design.


FOSKO is a Chilean 40 years’ experience company, leader in the fabrication and development of new products focus on the innovation of packaging and injected products. This international well-known company is one of the most modern industrial plant in the region because of the machinery, mold and technological facilities.


Omet is an Italian company leader in the printing industry; it has 55 years’ experience in the fabrication of flexo-printing machines and offset shortband drying UV or UV LED, EB, water-based or solvent-based.

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Pamasol is a Swiss 50 years’ experience worldwide company, leader in the fabrication of machines and equipment for aerosol filling process and sprayed. There are modular type machines, step by step and rotating with a maximum capacity of 600 units per minute.


Zeller is German company with 40 years’ experience providing inks and flexo and offset supplies for UV printing applications on labels and shrink sleeves.

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